No Dirt Required - Aquaponics

No Dirt Required - Aquaponics

A Natural Gardening System
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  • Nitrogen Cycle: A bacteria called Nitrosomonas converts Ammonia into Nitrites. Another bacteria called Nitrobacter converts the Nitrites into Nitrates (Nitrification is the conversion of ammonia to nitrates).
  • CHOP: (Constant Height One Pump) and CHIFTPIST (Constant Height In Fish Tank Pump In Sump Tank) Design employs a sump tank and houses the water pump.
  • Sump: Lowest water collection point in the system. May also house the main water pump as in a CHOP system.
  • Rafts: Also known as Nutrient FilmTechnique (NFT) - food grade plastic boards usually 2x3' which float and have small holes spaced out for plant seedlings such as lettuce. The raft technique allows for uniform growing and easy access to harvest produce.
  • Wicking Beds: A stand alone media bed usually filled on the bottom with rock and coco-fiber layers and often dirt is used to fill the bed. This technique is used for root vegetables like potatoes, berry bushes, and fruit tree which do not grow in aquapoincs medium but allow for the benefit of the nutrients used from aquaponics.
  • Vertical Towers: An alternative means to grow leafy plants and strawberries using PVC pipes, water tubes, or strawberry growers stacked up vertically. This benefits small growing spaces and allows for rotating the plants for sun exposure.


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Aquaculture, or fish farming, is the fastest growing sector of food production in the country, increasing at an annual rate of 15 percent in the last 20 years.
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Aquaponics Beginners Guide. The PDF is primarily based in educating schools but it's good reading. (copyright
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