No Dirt Required - Aquaponics

No Dirt Required - Aquaponics

A Natural Gardening System
for Your Backyard

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Aquaponic Solutions

  • Starter system ‐ (IBC) ‐ a 4' x 4' system with a fish tank (approx ~200 gallons), submerged water pump, and media garden on top.
Aquaponic Starter Solution
  • Media Beds ‐ typically a 4'x8' wooden framed bed with liner and filled with rock or crushed granite. Media beds sit on wooden frames or cinder blocks and are about 33" off the ground (or preferred height to accommodate handicap).
  • CHOP conversion ‐ See TERMS for more details
  • Raft additions ‐ See TERMS for more details
  • Vertical additions ‐ See TERMS for more details
  • Wicking Beds ‐ See TERMS for more details
  • Conversions: Koi pond conversions/aquaponics additions
Example: Expansion ‐ 2 Media Beds/CHOP w/Starter System*
Expansion Example 2 Media Beds/CHOP with Starter System
* Multiple combinations are possible with Aquaponics. Start small and add on as experience grows.
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The Aquaponics Cycle

The Aquaponics Cycle
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